Information for International Clients

Germany established its first Social Security system in 1883. Since 1889 workers were compulsory insured against the effects of aging and disablement. Expatriates living in Germany can participate in this system. There are many complicated details to the pension system and there are not many law offices in Germany, which have specialised in the German Retirement and Pension System.

Mike Weber’s legal office provides legal services for business clients as well as for employed and self-employed persons regarding compulsory and voluntary insurance. The office is specialised in Social Security Law and Pension Law of Germany. This includes parts of International Security Law.

During your time of employment in Germany the obligation to make compulsory insurance is based primarily on the German legal regulations (the principle that insurance contributions are paid in the land where employment is performed). This remains true irrespective of your nationality or the address/location of your employer.
Certain groups of self-employed persons are also bound to pay insurance contributions.

When employed or self-employed overseas you are in turn bound by the social security laws of the state in which you are working, meaning your obligation to pay insurance contributions must be checked against the law of that state.

For further information on the insurance obligations of foreign nationals employed in Germany, please do not hesitate to make an appointment.

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